Чакры Человека их Внутренние Устройство и Диагностика
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Physical body

Investigating this type of body we understand our conscious control of such processes as respiration, gait, bearing, nutrition, forms and ways of having rest, physical training (dynamic and static), sleep, etc.

Usually human’s body occupies in space such pose which corresponds to his habitual way of life, the same we can say about respiration, etc.

Here are simple examples of how we can influence traits of character through physical body:
• Cold shower or dousing oneself with cold water from a basin strengthen decisiveness – manipura;
• Dousing oneself with cold water with a thin stream develops patience – ajna + muladhara;
• Daily even walk increases thoroughness – muladhara;
• Exhale, longer than inhale, stimulates heartiness – anahata;     
• Exhale longer than inhale develops activeness and effectiveness – manipura + svadhistana;
• Eating hot spices stimulates activeness – manipura + svadhistana;
• Vodka turns off left cerebral hemisphere and activates the right one (lifts bans, moral restrictions, the feeling “I must” lessens);
• Slinky wide belt helps to be self-disciplined and stimulates self-confidence – manipura;
• Bell-bottomed trousers and flowing sleeves strengthen person’s creative potential – vishudha.