Чакры Человека их Внутренние Устройство и Диагностика
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Mental Body

Mental body is the forth body of a human being – this body is in charge of all mental and intellectual ways of world perception and its displayings (speech, language, logical and rational thinking).

 It is easier to study mental body as we studied Astral body – considering its two levels:
The first level is connected with the mental basis of that social group to which a certain person belongs. This basis is stored in person’s mind but it is not his individual experience. This level is similar to a library where we can get any volume of information but, at the same time, the information itself is not that you gained as your ability, merit or your personal achievement.

The second level comprises personal revelations and insides that turn the information perceived from the outside into the field of personal knowledge and consequently abilities (or vice versa); theses knowledge and abilities allow an individual to become a personality. We can refer here cheerfulness of the first child’s understanding and those genius discoveries that change the course of history. 

Here are some examples of how we can change the traits of character by means of mental body:
• Affirmations – positive statements – “Every day I am doing better and better in everything!!!” – ajna + muladhara;
• Positive attitude – leads to development of courage and self-confidence; “I can do this”, “I will cope” – manipura;
• Positive thinking – ability to perceive the situation in a positive way; raises love to oneself and divides attitude to oneself from ones deeds – anahata; 
• Re-realization of a situation (changing your attitude) improves consciousness and creative thinking;
• Trying to find the reasons of conflicts improves again consciousness and thoughtfulness;
• Thinking of how another person would act in the same situation – vishudha + ajna;
• Reading and “writing” of special literature;
• Re-realization negative situations in positive sense (writing this on paper) enlarges positive experience, consciousness and thoroughness – ajna + muladhara.