Чакры Человека их Внутренние Устройство и Диагностика
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Etheric body

Ether body is a body which consists of lines and dots, when crossed with each other, they form energy centers – chakras of different volume and thickness.

Ether is, so to say, life reservoir where our “pure” life energy exists. And depending on where and till what extend it is developed, a person has certain potential in other bodies.

Ether body, being a bunch of energy flow, provides our body with life energy, “reviving” it. Ether body is also the energy source for all the bodies including Astral body and Mental body as it refills them with its energy. It is clear that ether body will allow an individual to realize in Astral and Mental body those conditions and processes which already belong to a person’s experience.

A certain person has an ether body of a certain volume and of a certain thickness which appear in its certain configuration. Harmonious ether body has a shape close to a spherical one and has in all parts equal thickness and ability of conscious volume control without changing above mentioned qualities.

(also there exist some basic hypertrofic types of ether body: mushroom-shaped – the intellect does not govern person’s life but controls it, in this case theoretic knowledge prevails practical skills; pear-shaped ether body is peculiar for obese people with the tendency to save something)

Replenishment of ether body can be realized through the ether bodies of different products, water, stones, plants, animals, human beings, etc. or directly from elements: earth, water (rest and walks along the seaside or a river bank), fire (observing a bonfire, a fireplace), air (walks in a pine forest, grove), ether (consists of the elements of life and death) and their derivatives.

A human being feels his ether body condition as the level of his vitality, activeness, liveliness, stamina, immunity. Ether body influences on three other bodies, and they also have an influence on ether body in their turn. For example it was noticed long ago the influence of the astral body on the ether one – it is the influence of a mood on vitality. The influence of physical body on ether body is more evident – it is the energy of physical exercises and healthy food.

Ether body gets the energy of “lower” vibrations from physical body. To be more precise it takes up some amount of vibrations that are released during food assimilation. Appetite is the sign meaning that ether body is ready to take up the energy of physical body, appetite also prompts the energy of what food it needs.
Feeling of hunger or a need of relaxation mean ether body need to something physical: “Give me the energy” (or it means “I want to eat, to sleep, to have rest, I need to recreate “).
Also, you can refill your ether body with energy with the help of exercises Wu-shu, Chi-Kung, hatha-yoga, static exercises.

*As it can be seen on the picture on the page Bodies, one of the variants of increasing the energy in ether body is decreasing energy consumption for other bodies; on the first place it is sleep, on the second it is a stop of inner dialogue. And what a person will do with increased energy store it is another topic of our discussion.

Some examples of how you can influence on traits of character with the help of ether body:
• Solid food (beef jerky, summer sausage) collects ether field and helps to develop decisiveness and self-discipline – manipura + muladhara;
• Physical exercises and trainings collect ether field and change it, what develops self-discipline, activeness and initiative: static – muladhara + manipura, dynamic – manipura + svadhistana;
• Bear increases the volume of energy in manipura – prelum zone due to decrease of thickness (relief the stress) and increases significance;
• “Porous” food (boiled sausage, boiled chicken, boiled potato) loosen ether field and stimulates the feeling of calmness and earthliness;
• Sleep stabilizes thickness of the field, distributes the energy and harmonizes the thickness of the field along the whole body due to the fact that other three bodies basically consume minimum of ether energy;
• Concentration on the zone allows to control the process of energy exchange (not transfer the energy automatically) for example in a stress situation to touch the prelum zone – manipura (it gives possibility to control the situation).

One of the criteria of defining the maximum energy volume of a product or its vitality is the fact if this product can continue its existence (grow) if it is taken from the table (tomatoes, cucumbers, apples, nuts, cherry-plum). It is better to consume food-stuffs at once as it is cut because when a product loses its containment shell the ether energy gradually disappears. The criterion of “right” food is not just to give an individual the energy for its digestion. It happens that after eating you have little of energy, it means that ether energy is spent on digestion and assimilation.
Two little tomatoes have more energy value than one big tomato. As usually bigger vegetables have more porous field.