Чакры Человека их Внутренние Устройство и Диагностика
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Astral Body

Astral body is a body by means of which an individual perceives emotionally and sensually the reality and reacts on it.

Astral body consists of two levels.

First level reveals such emotions and feelings as rage, anger, fear, desire, grief, happiness, sorrow, enthusiasm, etc.

The second level is in charge of conditions that can consist of several (often contradictory) feelings and emotions such as love, friendship, happiness and hatred. For example when we need to punish a kid, in this process feeling of love and feeling of anger are mixed and so on. 

Astral body contains all the feeling, emotions, conditions and attitudes which are peculiar to a human being: anger, happiness, rage, love, fear, lust, grief, delight, sorrow, happiness, surprise, etc.
Emotions and feelings can be as a colored world: it is “spring” color (chlorine, light-green as a color of calmness and red color – the color of activity; green color is a color of self-confidence. 
During emotional and sensual outbursts (such as quarrel) people waste great amount of ether body energy. Such splashes weaken a person that results in physical condition and person’s health: if such cases are frequent, it leads to weakening of ether body and then results in this or that chronic disease of a physical body. 

At present Psychology studies thoroughly astral body, scientific studies confirm the mechanisms which were determined earlier with the help of intuition. It comprises emotional splashes, deep sensual conditions, conditions of inner calmness, ability to be happy of one’s life, sorrow about lost relatives, tenderness and languor. 

Here are the examples of how you can enhance some qualities working with your astral body:
• Memories of something good what you had in your life simulate your belief in positive end and develop the desire to act – manipura;
• Ability to be and stay in a positive mood allows you to control yourself and not be dependent on the mood or behavior of people surrounding you;
• Meditations on something considerable, positive, good – anahata + muladhara;
• Technique – “Come to love your flaw or weakness” – ajna + anahata;
• Sincere Prayer gives possibility to live with love in heart and develop such qualities as altruism (unselfishness), devotion;
• Feeling of empathy in certain musical compositions (painting, involvement in literature while reading) gives ability to see and feel the world as another person enlarging the palette of your feelings and conditions; 
• Dances and music – vishudha + svadhistana (and other chakras);
• Painting – vishudha.