Чакры Человека их Внутренние Устройство и Диагностика
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Thin Bodies - their interaction and tasks

In our disposal from the moment of birth there are, except for the Physical body, three more bodies: Ethereal, Astral and Mental. Though the most shown at a material level, is certainly, physical. It represents the set of all organs making it, and also the connections of organs and systems among themselves. As each of organs carries out not only the specific function, but also is included into the general life-support system.
*under "bodies" we shall mean the certain sets of energies which find their expression in forms, processes, conditions and relations of the person.
The ethereal body produces the energy of charkas. And the physical, astral and mental bodies realize it in the qualities, skills, abilities and relations of charkas. At the same time the potential which is produced, not necessarily reveals, but the energy is produced all the same. Also it is periodically possible to observe, that a leading zone in an ethereal body, of a person, is for example muladhara, and abilities are shown more in the second leading zone - anahata, because for the development of abilities of this charka both forces and time have been enclosed. Actually it usually happens because a person has problems or speaking positively - unsolved questions with an average part of anahata - zone of heart, and because of the lack of love to himself, he tries to serve to other, even for tiny additional charging from them to his «goodness». The results of such exchange with time are more and more negative, in most cases for both the person and the one to whom he «gives benefit». 
Each of six charkas: ajna, vishudha, anahata, manipura, swadhistana and muladhara are shown in each of four bodies. And on every charka in a physical, ethereal, astral and mental body there are certain qualities of character, skill, ability, relation, etc.
At work with thinner bodies (after ethereal one) it is already necessary to know, what precisely you wish to receive or to achieve. In bodies for the last three - five years the internal energy exchange and interrelation of primary charkas with transforming ones (from anahata) are established.
Bodies, especially physical, are static enough. And, having reformed under other three bodies, it does not wish to vary categorically. For it the main pleasure is the preservation of status QUO.
If the person goes mad on only one charka (though the conducting of every charka still involves a great lot of qualities, abilities, sidh, etc.) it is usual at its nonnormalized activation the body like the operator of HYDROELECTRIC POWER STATION at flooding, merges surplus on top. Such dumps of energy can be expressed in a Homeric laughter, attacks of workaholic behavior, tears, grief or anything else our wise organism can think of to get rid of energy found out of place.

"My" perception:
1.   The Ethereal body supplies all bodies with energy
2.   If to block the inflow of energy to one (two) of bodies, the energy potential of others will repeatedly increase. In figure it is: a stop of internal dialogue, a dream and "abstention".
3.   Mastering from other bodies of ethereal energy does not happen (almost - as to return in three original causes tea with a lemon and sugar. It is extremely difficult, if it is necessary at all)
4.   Ethereal body is responsible for potential, and other bodies - for its projections into something.
5.   The Ethereal body is responsible for condensation and conservation of energy, and for an interdiction on auto transformation inside of an ethereal body (primary charkas: muladhara, swadhistana, manipura - into secondary ones).
Example: fury = energy of an ethereal (manipura and groin) + "painting" of an astral body + an orientation by energy from a mental body (into outside, into inside)
Idea = energy + "painting" of an astral body + an orientation from a mental body
P.S. Charka produces energy in an ethereal body but it can show it in the Astral and Mental body, through the turned out levels (the top, bottom or average part) finding the embodiment in skills, qualities, relations, approaches, conditions.

Explanations to figure:
Parking "Sabr" is patience in its different displays.
Other "bodies" are animals and plants used by us in food.