Чакры Человека их Внутренние Устройство и Диагностика
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Development of chakra qualities

It often happens that a person strives to develop several character traits at the shortest period, wanting everything and at once. But in this case a person can encounter some hidden dangers.

First of all, it was mentioned, working with bodies (mental, astral and so on) our organism strongly objects any innovations and it does not care if it is useful for us or not; our organism got used to its habitual existing and to its habitual energy exchanges. But we considered reasonably our life and found out that we lack such quality as “self-confidence” (middle level, manipura); but it was our head who decided this. Even if we have already a certain action plan and the list of tasks, deeds and relations needed for development of a chosen character trait, it will be prelum and tailbone that will accomplish all this list of actions. But the matter is that our body does not wish to make any efforts. Thus, plenty of reasons will appear why you “should not do” these actions: such as like, the snow has melted and it’s dirty in the park to run so I can not have a run; I drank last night so what’s the use of this running and so on. But with the exact plan and your persistence any trait of character can be developed step-by-step.
But it is very important to take into account that the amount of free energy in our body is not so much. And if you want to accelerate the process of self development you should use two more mechanisms – saving of energy and evolving the energy.

All spiritual directions work with energy saving, in the picture working with bodies you can see by means of what techniques you can save the energy, it can be halt (reduction) of inner dialogue and technique of considering the situation in a positive way (releasing from passed negative experience) described by Castaneda, used in Sufism, technique of working with the past used in Scientology and many others. Here we can also refer different useful diets and restrictions – fasts, in eating and in different pleasures as well ? (food, sex, emotions, movements, communication).

There are also a lot of variants connected with evolving the energy: physical training, respiration, food, music, clothes, etc.

Let’s assume that in the result of a total introspection it was defined that you need badly to develop love to yourself (again middle level, but anahata). And a person decides – “does not matter, I will develop several traits all together”. It is more difficult to develop several character traits at the same time.

Besides certain traits, skills and abilities there can be their intersections. One of such intersections is based on a heart zone (lower anahata) – ability to be friends with one person; and on a prelum zone (lower manipura) – ability to earn money with a certain person.

Important in our life abilities are based on these two constituents:

1. Ability to earn with a person who is your friend – for instance, you know a person for a long time, you are in good terms (it does not matter if you are relatives or not) you can invite such person into your business to increase your incomes.
2. Ability to be friends with a person you make money – for instance, two colleagues of one firm or two businessmen, making money in a similar way, develop trusting and friendly relations with each other.  
It is important that each person was similar with his colleague. Let’s assume a person can earn $10,000 per month and he can be friends only in equivalent of (figurative comparison) $3,000 and his abilities of the second level can be developed in $3,000.

The same can be observed in the family as ability to live in happiness is connected with two zones: “happiness” – heart (and groin of course), “to live” – tailbone (duration) and with lack of any of these components people have other results. For example, one man has the ability to live in happiness with one woman, but the tailbone let him down – the result is that during 30 years there was a constant change of the partners approximately once per half a year or once a year … it is such happiness. Or a contrary case: developed tailbone gives the ability to live and to get along together in one family, but happiness is a rare guest in this family.

P.S.  so it is better to develop yourself basing on the aims, tasks and exact diagnose of your weak and strong zones. And when you have an experience you can already complicate a task for yourself. For example if you have studied the rules of respiration on prelum zone and heart zone, then you can make an inhale on one zone and pre-inhale on another, etc.

Good luck in your way to yourself.