Чакры Человека их Внутренние Устройство и Диагностика
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Display of chakras at different events

As it was already mentioned we can see the demonstration of chakras in state and other organizations and … at different events which are held at different levels.

Table “The display of chakra quality (zones) at the training, seminar or presentation”


Quality of a chakra

Way of display of a chakra quality



New interesting information, realization, comparing with oneself, estimation of effectiveness of actions.



Original way of presenting the information, creative approach to the decoration of the scene, preparing tickets, posters.



Activeness Encouragement of initiative, success recognition, Поощрение инициативы, признание успехов, presenting of a reward, motivating speeches.



Encouragement of initiative, success recognition, Поощрение инициативы, признание успехов, presenting of a reward, motivating speeches.



Contests, competitions, pleasures, anecdotes, jokes, lotteries, surprises, quizzes.



Comfortable conditions in the hall, safety, food, following accepted time boundaries, thorough development of a scenario and rehearsals of performance.

Any event – lecture, concert, promotion and others, - it is an entire phenomenon and any entirety can be considered from chakra point of view. An event has its aims and tasks developed by its organizers; and the effect (consequence) which its participants will get. Events are directed mostly to a certain person or to people, so the result (the consequence) will be better when all the components are taken into account, when all the participants get the energy for each chakra.

It is clear that the place of structural blocks should coincide with the tasks of a certain event: if it is a motivation event then the final speech should be a slogan to take certain steps; if it’s a meeting of friends then in the conclusion it would be nice to pronounce a speech of welcome to those who came and so on.

Compliments and encouragements are an important zest at any event, and it is very important that they are based at a necessary place and are not crossed with each other in two zones at the same time.

For example to activate anahata at the event we can give presents to birthday people who are present at the event (just for no particular reason), the award for the people with developed prelum zone can be, for example, cheque for reaching good results in sales or career promotion. The awards for people with leading head zone would be connected with the development of new products (other chakras: manipura and muladhara are responsible for implementation of new products) or solving a difficult problem. Tailbone award or recognition is given for long service, for keeping the sales on a proper level, for fulfillment of the plans on time and so on. Groin awards are the presents for wining in the contests or quizzes (for example, who tells the joke funnier).

P.S. it is important that between awards and recognitions that activate different chakras there are some pauses in time; it is not desirable to arrange them together because it can destroy the energy flow of the event and motivation of the attendees.