Чакры Человека их Внутренние Устройство и Диагностика
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The Theory Of Chakras

Chakra is the energy center in the ether body which is responsible for producing definite energies and energy exchange with the environment and inside ether bodies as well. There are six main chakras. Usually a person can have one or two leading chakras.

Leading chakra is a chakra with the help of which a person perceives the world, through which he expresses himself, which he refills with the energy by actions (speech, breathing, walk, etc.), relations and motivations. Leading chakra is a chakra abilities of which prevail in astral and mental bodies.

Not only a human being can have leading chakras, animals can also have them; and among different species the leading chakras differ from each other. There exist also leading chakras in societies (countries). In one country there is one leading chakra, in another country there is another leading chakra.

 Though a society starts its development in major cases with manipura (war, change of ownership, confrontation) and then transfers in the development of muladhara (implementation and development of the gained – banks, contracts, conventions).

P.S. There are several directions of yoga: djnani yoga – throat (vishudha), radja yoga – ajna, bhakti yoga – heart (anahata), karma yoga – prelum (manipura), etc. 

One of the variants of step-by-step development of chakras suggested by Mahabharata

A famous wise man Daksha was born from Brahma’s right big toe, the Guardian of the Earth, and became his son, he was the best son. From his left big toe his wife was born. Then together they gave birth to fifty daughters (the sum of the petals of six chakras). All the daughters had a perfect built and had lotus-like eyes (petals of chakras).

And Pradjapaty (Daksha), having lost his sons, he made them his putrikas.

According to Holy Writ he gave ten of them to Dharma, twenty seven to Chandra and thirteen to Kashyapa.

Petals Center + 1 Ajna Petal
10 – to Dharma Manipura
27 – to Chandra Svadhistana, Muladhara, Vishudha Ha
13 – to Kashyapa Anahata T’ha

Dharma’s wives had such names: Kirty, Lakshma, Dhirty, Medha, Pushty, Shraddha, Kriya, Buddhy, Ladja and Maty. 
Twenty seven Som’s wives are known in the world as the ways to the law. They observe vows and manage the burdens. They are all constellations and satellites and are based according to changes of universe.
Adiparva, Book I, page 178