Чакры Человека их Внутренние Устройство и Диагностика
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Vishuddha chakra

Vishuddha chakraSurface traits, diagnostics

Such people prefer to wear clothes that correspond to one and the same style and produce a harmonious look. It can be of cutting edge style or retro as well.

They walk with straight bearing. In communicating the gestures are often allocated near vishudha – the zone of throat.

If this zone of throat is leading than a person does not simply eat, he enjoys eating. It is important for such individual that everything is beautiful: the setting of a table, clean table-cloth. They eat calmly, with the mouth closed... a dream of our mums in our childhood.

Their language is literary without expletive sounds or words; the speech is lengthy as if a person is enjoying his own sounding.

They prefer to work on something till they do this perfectly that is why they do not finish all their tasks to the end. You can say about such person that “The best is the enemy of the good”.

Other traits

Secondary center is connected with the element of ether (according to one of the versions ether consists of life and death), metal – silver.

The sounds (according to the classical literature there are Sanscrit vowels on the petals of vishudha) are all vowels.

Respiration that activates this chakra: inhalation and exhalation by mouth and nose at the same time 50/50.

In physical body it controls the total harmony in everything.

A person who can not use his creative abilities and potential may encounter with different illnesses.

This chakra usually starts to develop among children at about 6. It can start to develop earlier among girls.