Чакры Человека их Внутренние Устройство и Диагностика
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Swadhisthana chakra

External displays - diagnostics

Swadhisthana chakraIn clothes the main thing is the condition it carries. Therefore in clothes they prefer it to be free, for one-two size more, as well as when leading is anahata - the zone of heart. Also love the presence of a "naked" body - bridges, mini-skirts, tops. Often the zone of a groin is naked, and it is not important what temperature is outside, the fur coat or a jacket of a "joyful" color is put on and - off they go. They love when colors are bright and when there are unexpected transitions from one color to another. Out of colors - orange and pink are closer.
At school such children are spoken about, that they cannot sit still. Same thing shows brightly the gait.
At walking they make a lot of unnecessary movements from the tadpoles' point of view. Often there is a change of rhythm of walking and such people like "to cut off" corners - to make it faster. Well, and in the speed of walking they are often helped strongly by the skill to be late.
At a dialogue they jump from topic to topic. They adore jokes (especially about "it") and ridiculous histories.
They eat loudly, with pleasure and often this process "is sounded" (they're champing, drinking loudly).
In the speech of “groins“ as well as in walking there is often a change of a rhythm and loudness.
They treat work as an inevitable trouble if they don't find the work they like - as a toast-master, a DJ, an actor, a dancer etc.
The primary center is connected with the element of water, the fastest of all.
Sounds - "s", "sch", "ch".
In a physical body is responsible for the speed of exchange processes and the movement of liquid in the body.
By the way, one of the reasons of varicose veins is the incorrect relations of a head and a groin.
If the work of this zone is incorrect, the risk of occurrence of oncological diseases increases.
In breath Swadhisthana is activated, when breath becomes more frequent or there are series of micro-inhalations or micro-exhalations. The delay of breath both after an inhalation and after an exhalation usually is either absent or minimal.
The most cheerful charka. In its conducting are fun, pleasures, desires, every possible "thrill". And words characteristic to it are - super, no way, I am dragged, etc. - they also make everyone smile only by the pronunciation.
Children usually have it started to develop in area of half a year.

The top part of Swadghisthana is responsible for skill "to get a kick out" and have fun at mass actions - concerts, discos and also for the skill to flame up people there.
The average part of Swadghisthana is responsible for the reception of pleasure from any processes and results. At the same time the fact of a winner or a loser is of secondary importance.
The bottom part of Swadghisthana is responsible for skill to receive and deliver pleasures and delights with one person - sex, dialogue, and holiday.