Чакры Человека их Внутренние Устройство и Диагностика
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Muladhara chakra

External displays - diagnosticsMuladhara chakra

In clothes they prefer classical style, men - three-piece suit, women - jackets. The color scale is of brown and grey tones. Often the clothes are from an impressive material.
At walking they plant their foot on the earth completely.  There are even moments at walking when both feet are standing on the ground a split second. The slowest gait from all zones, reminds a penguin a little.
They speak little, and basically, on business. Their words follow their way of a life, instead of following their next idea.
They seize the information very slowly, the slowest of all, but if they have understood and have accepted, it becomes their way of life, unlike a tadpole which learns everything for examination in 24 hours and forgets fairly everything in a day.
They eat the same way as they walk - very slowly and thoroughly. Carefully chewing food. "At a table I am deaf and silent "- is about them.

They have a very original concept about economy and correctness: they can brew a disposable tea bag for two times at million incomes. They can buy half a sausage. They can use second-hand car. One of examples. I have presented the colleague a new razor for shaving. In a month I see him again using his "prehistoric" one. I ask - "Why? ", the answer is "I shall throw it out after I use the last safety razor blade". In half a year, I suddenly noticed again, that he took the old razor, I asked - "Why?", the answer was "In your safety razor the blades have ended, and in this one more remains, why shouldn’t it be used ?" Everything should be kept in perfect order.
If coccyx is the leader, the person is often "sturdy" - a wide bone.
Their speech is with long pauses, is poorly emotionally painted.
The primary center is connected with elements of the ground. The metal is platinum.
They are responsible for regenerative abilities of an organism, for immunity.
One of the most complex charkas on energy replacement, it is responsible for longevity. The products activating it are quite expensive - the root of a ginseng (a wild origin), black caviar, phitor (from the fallen down leaves of an oak collected in the spring - biomos), utricle milk (out of honeycombs). From mixes - chavanprash.
In breath muladhara is activated, when the exhalation is equal to an inhalation and the delay after an inhalation is equal to a delay after an exhalation, and the delay and the breath are equal too.
One of the most "necessary" charkas. It is responsible for preservation and multiplying of purchased. If for «presses» the key concept is benefit, for «coccyx» it is the advantage.
At the leading coccyx (muladhara) the person is usually an owner, and when press is leading (manipura) - he is usually the director or the head.
They are ideal assistants, directors of warehouses, regional representatives - dream of a manipura the millionaire. Only give them what could be increased greatly.

P.S. I do not know why it is so in the Internet, that muladhara attributes the red color. Maybe it is more convenient to say so. Red color is the color of manipura and if muladhara "reddens" it means very serious energy exhaustion, and in normal condition the brown and grey spectrum is closer to it.
The top part of muladhara is responsible for skill to administer for a long time and to finish business of the organizations, firms, sorts.
The average part of muladhara is responsible for skill to do and finish personal business and undertakings for a long time. Stage by stage making them a reality.
The bottom part of muladhara is responsible for skill to do and finish business of one person for a long time.

Some examples from life:
Three people have reached a well during jogging, have decided to wash. When the person with leading coccyx merged water on hands, he strictly verified it to be equal in a handful. He had poured water up to edges and had not poured a drop out (though for three people half a bucket is enough to wash, and the left water should be poured out of a bucket all the same). And even, when we wanted to pour too much water in a handful, he has automatically held a bucket for water not to be spilled. Other participant of washing - with leading press, always poured too much water in handfuls for comrades. When the water is poured exactly up to the edge of palms, there is such a feeling that a little bit does not suffice. When water is poured in hands, there is a feeling of surplus and pleasure. Though, by the fact, there is more water in hands when «coccyx» pours, because he pours not splashing, but the internal sensations and a reality are different things and often differ a lot. And it is only one of examples. And leaving, the one from the three with the leading muladhara usually brings everything in order, turns the bucket over, checks whether all water has been poured out and if there is some left, he will pour it out. If the rope has not been reeled up on a shaft lifting a bucket from a well, he will make it necessarily. Moreover all "superfluous" sticks on the road are picked up and thrown away from the path for everything to be the right way.