Чакры Человека их Внутренние Устройство и Диагностика
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Energy refill for Anahata

Each chakra receives the energy from the outside and also produce it itself, it can save it, transform and give away. We discussed this already in the article Fife types of the work with energy. 

Let’s take anahata as an example of energy refill. There are three main ways of receiving the energy:

1 – Independent energy refill of anahata
2 – Refill of anahata with the help of other people
3 – Refill of anahata from the energy of elements (earth, water and so on)

Independent energy refill of anahata

1.1 Just because that I am:

• Say compliments to yourself – because I am so cool and nice person (not taking into account actions and deeds);
• Forgive yourself (no feeling of guilt);
• Affirmations and positive thinking;
• Give presents to yourself;
• Do not punish yourself during educational phase;
• Do something good for yourself every day;
• Get pleasure from any activity or inactivity.

1.2 Because I act this way and treat myself like this

• Act according to your own ethic code; know what is good in your code and develop yourself in understanding these good issues. The ethic code is changing with time and in most cases it is not our conscious choice, it is the result of upbringing.

1.3 Image and behavior peculiar to anahata

• Soft clothes;
• Knitted clothes from cashmere, cotton;
• Quiet conversation;
• Equal alternation of the speech and inhales after phrases;
• Comfortable shoes fitting the foot;
• Plastic movements;
• Longer and quiet exhale made with the mouth;
• “Developing” inner smile.

Refill of anahata with the help of other people

2.1 Because people simply like us for something (without our actions)

Live your own life and be really happy. For example if you occasionally have time to have a rest, you should be glad for this opportunity; if you have plenty of orders to work on you should be glad for the possibility to work effectively.
2.2 Thanks to what you do, did and you will do for people

You should offer help and ask if a person needs anybody’s help, give advice or suggestion, and try to understand what a person needs. If you do anything you should do it by your will. You should give presents and bring happiness and luck to people. Example – when a child comes to his parents only when he has a problem or when he feels bad; parents love him. Coming back with flowers after the conflict.

Refill of anahata from the energy of elements (air)

3.1 Unity in meditation with the places where there is a lot of energy peculiar to anahata (real presence in such places and also memories about such places would fit as well):

• Mountain air;
• Spruce, pine and fir forest;
• Meadow in blossom;
• Sunflower fields.

3.2 Availability in the room or house different objects of this element which increase the level of anahata energy:

• Alive flowers and trees;
• Ionizer;
• Stones and objects that give the energy of anahata: cornelian, agate, amber, etc.