Чакры Человека их Внутренние Устройство и Диагностика
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Anahata chakra

Anahata chakraSurface traits, diagnostics

Such people prefer to choose soft and tender clothes; the clothes also create the imagination of strokes: soft cashmere, baize, flannel etc.

They walk smoothly rolling the feet from heel to sock as if they walk on soft sand or a carpet with high nap.

In communicating they start their speech addressing to an interlocutor by name, the vowels are distinct and clear. They start to talk only when they approached to a person, entered an interlocutor’s space unlike people with vishudha who can talk in 50 meters distance.

In the speech of people with well developed heart center and leading bone tail there are long pauses.

They do not use pronouns like he, she, him, her preferring to use names addressing to anybody.

Other traits

The first transforming center. The element of Air.

The zone is refilled by respiration: when the exhalation is longer than inhalation and when exhalation is produced through mouth and also during the breath hold after inhalation.

In physical body it controls blood-vascular system.

It often happens when an individual has a leading zone heart, loves people, talks with distinct vowels (especially “o”, “a”) but treat himself improperly, putting his interests on the last place and so on.

It is a common situation and it means that a person has a problem with medium anahata that controls love to oneself but has a leading low anahata that is in charge of feeling of love and empathy to other individual.

How can it happen? From childhood “kind” parents teach their child to put on the first place their parents’ and other people interests and when a kid does this they encourage this refilling middle heart zone. And a little human being gets used to such connection: you’ve done a good deed to another one – you get a praise, you have not done – you are a bad person. These energy exchange processes are comprehended unconsciously. The result: the most important energy refill is the praise of other people and for the sake of it this person is ready to do anything. Money almost does not matter anything for this people, their total dream is to be good for the maximum number of people.

But the more good deed an individual does to the others, the worse the whole picture turns to be.  Firstly, he loses the ability to produce and store the energy of the medium heart and; secondly, deprives other people of the ability to live for themselves and accustom them to freebee and disrespect to the others. People with such well developed low heart attend trainings wishing to find themselves.

How to escape from this vicious circle? Without middle heart refill it is impossible to live and a man can think that he is a good person only when he serves others and when these people say to him “Good of you!”, “Good job!”

At first you should decide that you are ready to become negative a bit. As these changes in your life will affect those people whom you accustomed to your positive behavior and it is clear that you will be told that you are selfish, callous, hard-hearted and so on.

Then you should compose your ethic code (“compose” means having written it once, you make additions then approximately once a week) – a number of you personal rules. You should keep in mind that unlike morals, everybody has their own code and it is different from each other, but there are also common features.

Then you need to create an action plan for gaining such a quality feature, ability like “Love to yourself”. This plan should contain definite actions, deeds, relations, amount of them and time spent. Then they should be written in your “Dairy of Success”.

This is the extract of my Code.

1. (3 times a week) awaking and falling asleep with a smile, preparing a bed with a thought how it will be pleasant to sleep in it.
2. Praising yourself: for the deeds that you’ve done for yourself, that you found something positive in a negative situation.
3. Buying 2 times a week things that you wanted or things that make you happy.
4. Communicating one hour per week with the people who can love themselves and learning from them their good attitude to themselves.

During the trainings “Love to oneself” participants usually find about 20-40 similar points and this is not the limit ?

The most important is to act! I wish you good luck in your actions!