Чакры Человека их Внутренние Устройство и Диагностика
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Ajna chakra

Surface traits, diagnostics

Such people prefer to wear comfortable clothes of their exact size neither loose, nor tight; of black color or dark blue. Ajna chakra

While walking they as though jump off from the ground with their toes as if they are in the free fall.

In communication they often use intonation changes coupled with head movements for being more convincing. They eat leaning their head forward a spoon but not a spoon to head.

If ajna is a leading zone then a person is basically of asthenic constitution.

With the constructively working center both parts of the face (left and right) are of the same size. When one of two petals is used more so this part of the face becomes smaller – photo of hemisphere skewness. 

In the speech of such people you can notice velocity increase in speech by the end of utterance. There are also reduced vowels in their speech and they often use expletive sounds (phonemes) like ah, eh, mm, hmm and others. 

They tend to average, to use schemes, arithmetic mean and other stuff that is not necessary for normal people.

They make an accent on such questions like “why?”, “what for?” in spite of people with the leading manipura who are interested in “how?” and “what?”

In writing they often use shortenings. For example, instead of mental body – m. b. or m-b. When they shorten words they use their head (brains) when they transfer a shortening into the origin again they activate brains.

Doing physical exercises they often count to themselves. Many exercises are usually made with breath-holding that again refill ajna.

They prefer to take a cold shower right after physical trainings as this drives the energy to ajna control.

Other traits

Transforming center derives the energy from two chakras: svadhistana and manipura.

This chakra controls the energy distribution to all parts of body.

A person with ajna and manipura displays the Will of an individual.

In respiration ajna is activated by the breath hold after inhalation or during the exhalation through the nose. The first way can be easily examined – close your eyes and multiply in your mind 342 by 456… In the process of calculation the respiration is hold for a moment.

In physical body ajna controls nerve endings.