Чакры Человека их Внутренние Устройство и Диагностика
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Secrets of respiration through the nose

Such things are important in respirations as proportions, how do we get air – though a nose, or through a mouth; through what out of three nasal turbinate we breath (inhale and exhale prana).

Breathing with low turbinate prelum zone – manipura, is activated (a sound like “hy”)

Breathing with upper turbinate head zone – ajna, is activated (it sounds like “sniffing” to the smell of red pepper or a delicate aroma).

Breathing with a mid turbinate heart zone – anahata is activated (resembles sounds “ha” or “ho”).

Breathing (inhale or/and exhale) through left nostril ida is activated (right hemisphere), breathing through right nostril pingala is activated (left hemisphere). Breathing through two nostrils in a certain sequence sushumna channel is activated.