Чакры Человека их Внутренние Устройство и Диагностика
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Pre-inhalations and pre-exhalations

In the whole respiration process we can distinguish also such components as pre-inhalation and pre-exhalation besides just inhalation, exhalation, breath-holding after inhalation and breath-holding after exhalation. In the conscious respiration work these two components are responsible for latent abilities of the body or super abilities. You can master pre-inhalations and pre-exhalations in the individual work after you have mastered first four components. That is why I will tell you briefly what pre-inhalation and pre-exhalation are responsible for.

Pre-inhalation is in charge of widening the borders of the inner and outer world perception through getting additional information and energy. This specified perception happens through the perception:

• Of earlier perceived energy or information, for example, if the inhalation is made with the stress on prelum zone – manipura, then pre-inhalation is also made with the stress on prelum zone. If a person was observing/perceiving another person while inhalation then the pre-inhalation will be directed also on the same person.

• Of new type of energy or information, for example if the inhalation was made with the stress on prelum zone then pre-inhalation will be made with the stress on heart zone – anahata. Or if with inhalation a person was perceiving another person then pre-inhalation is made with the stress/accent on oneself. 

Thanks to pre-inhalation a man has a possibility for a harmonious and complete perception of the outer world. Pre-inhalation helps to see the world with the eyes of another person, so to see it from another side increasing personal potential.

Pre-exhalation activates intuitive abilities, increases sensuality, intensifies emotional and sensual world perception, and develops the ability to listen to anybody attentively. It helps to finish tasks, actions or utterances that were started earlier:

Earlier made action - for example, if with exhalation a person utters his earlier made decision then with pre-exhalation he finishes to express that for what he could not do with exhalation. Or if any action was made with exhalation then this action is finished to the end with pre-exhalation. With exhalation we bring out the energy of action to the external world and with pre-exhalation by means of additional effort we bring out the energy from the prelum zone.

A new type of energy or information – for example, if we express our attitude to a person with an inhalation; we talk about ourselves making pre-exhalation. If with an inhalation an individual considered another individual then pre-inhalation is made with a stress on perceiving oneself. We bring out the energy of action to the external world doing exhalation, we give heart energy making pre-exhalation.

With the help of pre-inhalations and pre-exhalations the energy can be distributed in each six chakras: ajna, vishudha, anahata, manipura, svadhistana and mulathara. But it was already mentioned in the section respiration theory that before starting such breath exercises it is important to know what and for what reason you want to do that. The main principle in the work with pre-exhalation and pre-inhalation is –”Do not make any harm!”