Чакры Человека их Внутренние Устройство и Диагностика
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In the history of the humanity all systems of spiritual and mental perfection have always been taken care of respiration and conscious work with respiration; in many languages such words as “spirit”, “soul” and “respiration” have common origin. People have always been considered respiration as the main feature of something alive and animated.  

We can say that respiration keeps the soul in the body and if it keeps than it can influence it. It is no wonder that all the practicians who are concerned about human’s spiritual and physical perfection care a lot about respiration process of a human being and controlling it.    

A variety of different ways of self-perfection has its own unique approaches to the theory and practice of respiration. The reason of this is that a person, who has a serious attitude to the respiration, has a powerful tool in his disposal with the help of which he can develop his different conditions and live richer life. Respiration is a combination of body condition and the condition of consciousness which are closely connected with each other.

We are breathing and our respiration is inseparably linked with our inner condition. We can say that the respiration is the reflection of our inner condition, our attitude to other people and to the whole life too. That is why when we start breathing in a certain way we change our inner condition. Having an idea and understanding the inner mechanism of respiration process we can not only diagnose our inner condition according to the respiration but also change it depending to our aims and tasks.
Respiration is a powerful tool in our life. And no matter if want we that or not, each inhale or exhale develop us, filling some chakras with the energy and taking it from others. To mange one’s life you can not do that without respiration. Not in vain yoga (prana) and other spiritual directions focus greatly on respiration. Ok, let’s breathe!

As in each chakra (ajna, vishudha, anahata, manipura, svadhistana and muladhara) the respiration differs fundamentally then we will need to develop a separate way of respiration for a separate chakra in each separate case. To reach a certain aim you can develop a certain way of respiration (or mini complex) that increases the activity of some chakras and reduces the activity of the others.
Understanding the structure of respiration not only as a development tool (development of different features) can provide us a possibility to diagnose leading chakras of a person.
In the theory of respiration the structure of respiration is described: inhalation, breath-hold after inhalation, exhalation and breath-hold after exhalation.
In the section Practice there are special respiration exercises for certain aims.